07 December, 2019


400 People


16 Professionals

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Impact Hub - 150 State St, Salt Lake City, UT

About Brewers, Vintners & Distillers Festival

The Brewers, Vintners and Distillers Festival is a premier event where master craft beer makers, homebrewers, distilling greats, and our distinguished guests gather to share stories, craft beer, homebrew and spirits in a beautiful 3-story indoor space, downtown Salt Lake City, UT.

Experience tastings from wineries, breweries, distilleries, and enjoy artisans locally-made products at this ultimate craft beer, whiskey and spirits and wine experience. Whether you are a full-fledged homebrewing expert or just trying to understand the difference between a rye whiskey and bourbon, you will find more than one workshop to expand your palate at the Brewers, Vintners and Distillers Festival.

There is something for everyone – from mead and wine tastings, seminars and burlesque performances, to conversations with craft beer and homebrewing influencers, there are tastes and enticements at every turn.

Your entry includes a commemorative glass, access to workshops, tastings and live entertainment, including burlesque performances.

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This annual convention brings together various members of the distilling, craft beer, wine and home-brew communities.

Get a ticket if you:

Are a current or aspiring brewer
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Enjoy having a good time and meeting cool people!


Workshops/Tastings: Maker (Homebrew/DIY), Taster (Sensory) and Seller (Industry)

Given from the Classrooms 2nd Floor. First come first serve, so please download our app for the schedule with a map and more information of our presenters !

Learning Tracks
Maker | Taster | Seller
Given from the Classrooms 2nd Floor. First come first serve.

6:00 – 6:45 Seller Learning Track: The History of High West Distillery and the Core Four. Whiskey Tastings with High West Distillery.
Drink some Whiskey and be taken on an incredible sensory journey with the High West Team! This will be a perfect workshop for you if you have always wondered what the difference is between a Bourbon, Rye or Double Rye whiskey! Enjoy a special tasting at the end!  High West Distillery

6:15-7:00 Maker Learning Track: How To Create Beer Recipes from Your Favorite Flavors with Bitches and Brews Anyone who ever thought about brewing beer started with the same basic thought- I can brew my own beer however I want it! Then the mind runs wild with ideas like caramel macchiato blonde ales, peanut butter chocolate milk stout, barrel aged porter, and cloudy New England IPA’s with that characteristic pillowy mouthfeel…the possibilities are endless! But how do you get these flavors in your beer?? We’ve mapped out this workshop with that thought in mind, as well as our own thirst for diversity in the beer industry and community. We will show you how to infuse custom flavors into beer, give you sensory experiences with specialty ingredients from our partners, and provide insight into creating recipes for brewing beers inspired by your favorite food and drinks!
This is a fully immersive experience with displays and handouts of products we’ll use in the workshop, a worksheet listing all the collaborators and their offerings, how these ingredients can be used in beer along with some boozy tasting and judging so you know how to pair flavors for your own creations, PLUS a swag bag for attendees to take home! Bitches N Brews

7:00- 7:50- Taster Learning Track: The Science of Tasting Wine. Acids – Tannins – Palate 55 minute | multi wine | sensory experience Utah Wine Academy of Utah. If you love wine, you will be stoked to learn from the BEST in this tasting experience! The Wine Academy of Utah “increases wine knowledge…one sip at a time” for both hospitality professionals and enthusiasts alike. They are an approved program provider with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust providing internationally recognized wine certification. Hosting multiple tasting events throughout the community for the beverage enthusiast; ranging from wine to whiskey tastings each month. Wine Academy of Utah

7:15 – 8:00 – Taster Learning Track: Becoming a Better Beer Taster. Meet the Director of Utah Brew Fest and one of 5 Master Beer Judges in Utah! Kelsey Booth will guide you in understanding how to judge a beer based on taste and quality so the next time you have an amazing craft beer you can use words other than “amazing” to describe it! Learn what the Beer Judge Certification Program is all about and get your feet wet by judging some beer during this workshop! Presented by BJCP National judge, Director of Utah Brew Fest and homebrewer, Kelsey Booth Hop Bombshells Homebrew Club Salt City Brew Supply The Beer Nut


8:00 – 8:40 Seller Learning Track: Distilling Award Winning Products. A Founders Journey. Winner of countless awards including Gold for their Hugh Moon 100% Rye White Whiskey, [40%] , at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), one of the most respected and influential spirits competitions in the world. Products awarded a Gold medal are exceptional. They are near the pinnacle of achievement in their particular category. They are products that set the standard for all others of their type. Enjoy tasting this amazing whiskey, along with other award winning products, including Bristlecone Gin: Double Gold Medal – SIP Awards, 2019, 94 Points – Tasting Panel Magazine, 2019, Antelope Island Rum Best of Class from the Miami International RumXP (2017), Well Vodka and Well Gin (Silver SFWSC 2019) and Rum (Bronze SFWSC 2019) -Presented by Founder of Dented Brick Marc Edward Christensen Dented Brick Distillery

8:15 -9:00- Maker Learning Track: Recipe Formulation 101: Moving Beyond the Kit Get your beer nerd on with homebrewer of the Year, numerous gold metalist, Brew Master at Ogden Brewing Company Landon Jeffery, and his collegue, Master Beer Judge and also master homebrewer, Kirk Hofling. Learn about intermediate to advanced homebrewing techniques from these true experts in the field. Judge some Homebrew in this workshop! Ogden River Brewing

9:00-9:40 – Seller Learning Track: Craft Lager a Love Story: Why brewers are so in love with making and drinking lager beer! Meet Head Brewer Conrad, and be inspired by his journey from homebrewer in Ogden, to becoming genius Brewmaster at one of Portlands hottest breweries. Come ready to ask questions about his amazing craft beer! Judge some Homebrew in this workshop! Culmination Brewing Company

10:00-10:40 Maker /Seller Learning Track: Science and Beer: From Lab to Glass This workshop is a MUST for anyone who takes home brewing seriously. Marcio Buffolo is a biologist with Master’s Degree in Cell Biology, 7 years as home brewer, 4 years as professional Brewer, 2 years as Brew master for Shades Brewing, 2 GABF Gold medal (2018 for American sour – 2019 for herbs and spice), 5 IBA medals, Walt Powell scholarship for the MBAA beer and science course. Don’t forget your notebook for this one!! Be sure to arrive early to get a seat!!

10:15-11:40 -Maker Learning Track: Introduction to Mead Making. Presented by Ahron Berber, Steven Erb and Brandon Myers. Award winning homebrewers with a passion for Meads. Taste how variances in honey can alter the taste in Meads. You will leave this workshop with a better trained palate along with specific instructions on how to make your own! Ahron took home gold this year at Beehvie Brewoff so come prepared with questions! Judge some Mead in this workshop! ZZ Hops The Bayou

Different workshops to choose from every hour.

There will plenty of unique beers from breweries to try.

An informal meet and greet with the owners/brew masters.

Enjoy relaxing in the Absynthe Lounge compliments of Holystone Distilling

Spirits provided by High West, Dented Brick, Hammer Spring Distillers,  Holystone and Ogden’s Own.

Utah Brew Fest: Please submit your homebrew to www. utahbrewfest.com. Winners will be announced at BAD Fest. Please check that website for submission deadlines.

Bring a toy, socks, peanut butter, coats  to donate to Urban Crossroads Center and get a raffle ticket for some great gifts from our vendors and sponsors!

Craft Beer

Level Crossing Brewing Co.
Drink: Suss It Out ALC 6.9% | Jazz Loon ALC 5.4% |

SaltFire Brewing Co.
Drink: Fall Saison de Trahison ALC 6.3% | Dirty Chai Stout | Spiced Coffee Stout Craft ALC 6.7%| Frankly Mr Shankley

Cerveza Zolupez
Drink: Small batch, nano quantities, handcrafted, specialty cerveza. Super limited quanities. Amber Ale brewed with piloncillo (Mexican cane sugar) and canela (cinnamon sticks). IPA brewed with agave nectar and real lime peel

RoHa Brewing Project
Drink: Shambo Juicy IPA ABV 7.0% |Three Deep American Ale ALC 4% | Maltese Cross ABV 4% | Millenium Firkin

Shades Brewing
Drink: Kviek | IPA

T.F. Brewing
Drink: Ferda Double IPA ALC 8.2%

Drink: IPA Brut ABV 4% and Coconut Stout
Odell Brewing Co.
Drink: TBD


Dented Brick Distillery
Drink: Great Basin Bristlecone Gin and Best in Show Antelope Island Rum
High West Distillery
Drink:American Prairie Bourbon and Double Rye
Holystone Distilling
Drink:Absynthe, Utah’s strongest Gin, Utah’s First Grape Based Vodka
Ogdens Own
Drink: Five Wives Vodka





Whiskey, Vodka, Gin and Rum sponsored by
– High West Distillery
– Dented Brick Distillery
– HolyStone Distilling
– Ogdens Own

Be Merry

  • Dented Brick mixologist helping folks make some fun holiday drinks
  • Science on Tap hosting Beer Pong with brew from Shades Brewing at 6-9pm
  • Bourlesque by Madazon Can-Can
  • Sleek lounge area customized by Holystone Distilling
  • DJ spinning requests all night
  • Beehive Cigars 🙂
  • Use your toy donation ticket to get some great stuff from our sponsors

Submit a Home brew

to be judged on taste & quality

Home brewers can bring their beers to get feedback on them.

We will let judges decide on a best of show (in terms of taste and quality)


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